Saturday, April 27, 2013

Exotic looking plant

We were so surprised to see this last year as a year before  a kind friend gave us a piece of dangly cactus that had exotic- looking blooms at the end of it..... in a hot red: so why the pink.  

However, this year it flowered again

   Worth the wait, eh.

If anyone stumbling across this knows the name of it, I'd be glad of the information. 


Jane Scunthorpe said...

Looks like a relative of the Christmas cactus to me. Very lovely whatever it is !

LadyLuz said...

Thanks for your suggestion Jane. I agree it does look like a Christmas cactus - only much bigger and without serrated pronounced serrated edge leaves. The flowers are about 3" wide each. I shall do more research. Meanwhile, a visit to your site was very interesting. You are in a beautiful place.

Hattie said...

Coming over from Ronni's blog. We always called these Christmas Cactus, and they could be quite large. Love the pix of your garden.

takeshi007 said...
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takeshi007 said...

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