Sunday, December 09, 2012


Another palm in the centre of the first pic fell victim to the palm weevil and we had the excellent David, Spanish tree surgeon, take it out.   We have two palms left, now 10 years old, and David has trimmed and smoothed the trunks. 

We bought two new ceramic pots, on a whim, and now they form the centrepiece of what will be a made-over area near the front double gates where the diseased palm once stood.  I have a couple of rose bushes and some clumps of lilies to go in and around the edge the beautiful sprawling portalaca succulents that flower most of the year.

Things are still growing and blooming  - the geraniums have not stopped this year - even though we had a vicious cold snap and lots of rain.    We're constantly hacking back and the pile grows.   We're allowed a bonfire on Tuesdays and Thursdays but the pile doesn't dry out enough to get  going.   What a conflagration we'll have in the Spring.    


Katharine Hoda said...

Nice to know that palm was saved. Lovely garden of yours but it is missing something; garden shed.

Lady Luz(Pamela) said...

Hello,no, no - we have a garden shed. Click on the 2ndf picture and look beyond the pathway. You'll see double doors of the wooden shed. Between that a brick build one we have a pergola we sit under.....lovely!