Saturday, October 01, 2011

Look - no palm

Posted by PicasaYou can see the damage that's been done by the Red Palm Beetle in the first picture - and in the distance how we have transformed the area since taking down the other diseased palm.  

D's salamander pot is in pride of place in this gravelled area.   More pots, probably with herbs to add to our collection of thyme, chives, parsley and sage, willl be added. 

We have a strong Levante blowing at the moment and it's even more apparent that the damage to the remaining front palm is extensive.   The leaves usually bend with the wind, but these have no purchase any longer.  It will have to be radically cut back and shaved, the innards examined for beetles and grubs and, eventually, the whole lot taken down.   D has drilled holes around the trunk and injected an insecticide and poured gallons of the stuff from the top of the tree.   Hopefully, this will have destroyed the beetles etc. preventing further contamination in the area. 

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