Monday, July 11, 2011

mosaic lizards

We found these little mosaic lizards in Ronda.   They're sold as fridge magnets, which I love collecting.   But D had other ideas ......he drilled two holes in the new sculpture plinth, inserted nails and attached the lizards to them. 

Now Yang, our male Siamese, has taken a great dislike to them - whether he thinks they're real and to be chased and divested of their tails (evidence of previous forays with the real thing abound around the house) I do not know.   But we found them on the pine chips and replaced them on the plinth.  Next morning, they're back on the pine chips......and so on, every day.    It's quite funny, isn't it!


Андрей said...

wow=)) its sweet!! thanks a lot for the photo) something like that букмекерские конторы is here.

ginger said...

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quu said...

Wow, funny :) Sometimes new way of use for old things make them even funnier. :)