Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Datura - and more

D. grew these datura from seed and we planted them out this year. He has nursed them like babies and built a mesh frame to protect them from the Levante. Here are the results. Angels' trumpets is the common name and we understand that the hanging-down variety are called brugmansia. If I've got this wrong, some of my blogging buddies will let me know.

The pomelos are coming along - they are the pink variety and D loves the juice, squeezed fresh every morning. There are many many more this year than before. (whoops....the picture has disappeared: maybe it'll reappear when posting).

We have lovingly cared for these, thinking they were part of the hibiscus bed, but we were told last week that they are abutilon. I remember these - a peachy variety like a Chinese lantern - from my Cornish garden. We'll be taking many cuttings of this to spread around the garden.
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Jan said...

We were given some datura seeds, the hanging down variety, but they didn't survive the winter here.

David, Melanie and family said...

Hola from Texas,
I've got Brugmansia here as well, but they had a hard summer and definitely don't look as nice as yours. The smell if powerful at night...the scent of the tropics.
David :-)

Naturegirl said...

Ladyluz I shall enjoy your tropicl garden as I discover my woodlands!
The Datura has always fascinated me.In my world we would have to overwinter indoors so I could never grow it but enjoy seeing it in public gardens!
Now I am moved into my new home I will have more time for blogging!
hugs Anna