Saturday, August 29, 2009

Marula - signs of life

One tiny little seedling so it's a start. Our friend's seeds are about a month ahead and the seedlings about 12" high.


Fran Ivel said...

Hola! I am in the Canary... I would like to know how your now 3 years old seedling are doing! It would be nice to have some news! I plan to sow them too.

LadyLuz (Pamela) said...

Unfortunately, when our one surviving seedling was transplanted into a bigger pot without being labelled. If the 1M plant we have is the Marula, it is doing well, having recovered from a very cold snap early this year. We haven't planted it out yet. I am trying to find close ups of the leaves on line to compare ours.

Good luck with yours. Couldn't find a blog for you to write on.