Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garden maturing

Last year, Gonzalo grafted a productive vine onto wild rootstock and this year D's dream might come true - lounging under the pergola and reaching up to pick a bunch of grapes.

The strelitzia below suffered after a cold snap in December and instead of blooming on St. Valentine's Day, here is a lone Bird of Paradise with maybe two more on the go.

This is the first year the lemon tree has given us anything in 4 years and we have yet to see what they taste like. We are surrounded by lemon trees and our neighbours give them away by their bags' full.

I've long admired the sweet peas of Yolanda in Holland. (Fight your way through the many visitors to her wonderful blog HERE ) .Some kind friends gave us seeds last year and D nursed them like babies. Here are the first results - the smell is heavenly.

And finally, the Norfolk Island pine. It was no bigger than the top of the bottle tree whimsy on the left of the picture and this is the result 5 years later.

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