Monday, April 06, 2009

April abundance

The last of the cauliflowers, just big enough for one each and of the most intense flavour. I've never grown broad beans before and was pleased with this haul, although of different sizes. I shall serve these with a Romesco sauce (a Spanish sauce of tomato, garlic, ground almonds and hazelnuts, breadcrumbs).

I worried that I'd hacked this solanum around too indiscriminately, but would you look at those flowers. Just gorgeous.
I call these mesumbrianthemums but I think they have another name. The red is arresting, just like the bright magenta and a golden yellow elsewhere in the garden.

April/May is a wonderful time for gardeners in southern Spain; temperature around 24C today. By June and July things begin to wilt.

Here's is D's Greek amphora urn, newly grouted, with the copper mirror snaking up the side giving a great art-deco look.
And, finally, here's Yang, posing for me in mid-wash. How he likes to check on my doings as I ramble round the garden.


Jan said...

I'm going to go and google mesumbrianthemums now, as think that's what we bought two of yesterday!

LadyLuz said...

Hi Jan

If you find the other name, let me know. There are some paler leaved wandering succulents with duller flowers of the same family. All open with the sun and close at night. All great plants for this climate.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...


Mmmmmm, broad beans, one of my favourite vegs. Mine are just popping their little heads above ground so I have to wait a fairish bit before I can harvest mine. I love eating them with savory, that herb really goes very well with broad beans. You sprinkle the chopped savory on your beans ponce they're cooked, add a little knob of butter and Bob's your uncle.

That Greek amphora is very stylish and chique almost as geeorgeous as dear Yang. ;-)

chaiselongue said...

Your broad beans look lovely. Ours are not ready yet, but when they are I'll try them with Romesco sauce - a delicious idea! We had small cauliflowers, too. I don't know why, not enough fertiliser I think.

Titania said...

Your garden is brimming with flowers. Everything looks happy and lush. I know this plant as Mesembranthemum, google this name and click images. The vegetable gardener has also planted broadbeans. When and if we get some I try them also with romanesco sauce it sounds delicious. Lavender looks good too. Show the hollyhock when it is flowering. Please! The artwork in the garden looks beautiful. Happy Easter T.

LadyLuz said...

Thank you all for taking an interest in the mesum. type plants. In this week's Dave's Garden, there is a long article about Delosperma here showing all three of the colours we have - the deep magenta, yellow and the clear red. So now we know.

kate smudges said...

I love the ice plants ~ I always thought that Mesembryanthemum was the annual version of Delosperma. They are such beautiful and cheerful flowers. I planted several last summer and I blame them for contributing to my current photography addiction. There's something wonderful about the colours of these flowers.

It was great to click on your photographs ~ I loved seeing all the details of your garden. The amphora urn is gorgeous. Your husband did a beautiful job.

You live in paradise!