Friday, October 17, 2008

Grandmother of all storms

A week ago, in the early hours, the east wind got up like a hurricane, and the rain was a deluge. The sky was lit up like a million flashbulbs for about 3 hours and it looked spectacular. 3 inches of rain fell in those hours; 750 litres poured into one of our depositos and half a tree came down.
Here is el jefe with his chain saw tidying it up. We got off lightly. Others we know were flooded out and all we had was a pooling of water and rubbish by the front gate (below).

It is very odd: when we installed a wood burning stove last autumn, that winter was too warm to light it (it is so efficient); we bought a super-duper portable air conditioner and it's been too cool to use it. So blame us for the excessive rain - we had a 25 metre tube well sunk to give us enough for the fruit trees and veg next year.....Parkinson's law strikes yet again.


Titania said...

You also could say, you are very well prepared for any situation.
We had a rather chilly and wet winter. Spring has been perfect and the garden reflects it with its bounty. I hope it stays this way!

Dazzle said...

I read about the terrible storm but hadn't realised that you were to blame!

If I let you know the dates of our next visit to the area do you promise to leave well alone and let us enjoy some sun as we've had more than enough rain?

LadyLuz said...

Titania. All looks so beautiful in your Spring exotic.

Jan. Yes, very guilty. We've been pondering the paradoxical approach...what can we do now that will have the opposite of what we intend!