Monday, July 21, 2008

Levante is late this year

No pictures today as everything is wilting, including me, and all I seem to be doing in the garden is clearing up the mess from the solanum and pink trumpet vine: in fact, it's shedding so fast it's like Autumn. The pears, of which there was an abundance but mostly inedible, spread a yellow carpet on the central bed and I collected a bucketful each time to put on the compost.

We're enjoying a respite from a few days of hot Levante wind before it returns later in the week. Yin hid in the wardrobe for days and Yang ....well, who knows: he only appeared for his grub.

Our little town and separate beach holiday resort is bursting with "emmets" (a Cornish word for tourists from up country)....this means no cash in the ATMs, barking mad city drivers on the road and long queues in the shops. All resources are under strain, the local shopkeepers getting tired and teazy and higher prices on most consumables. Oh, and my neem oil hasn't arrived and I can't make contact with the supplier!

Roll on Autumn!


gintoino said...

I read you ladyluz! Here in the algarve is the same, lots of tourists, lots of trafic, temperatures too high for me... I'm longing for autumn

Cheryl said...

Do you know something Ladyluz I spoke to my friends in Valencia and they were saying just the same as you......You have all made me glad that I am sitting in the heart of Kent with a cool breeze blowing and hardly any traffic on the roads.....tku.

Titania said...

The "wilting days" in summer you don't want to know about in the garden. I have experienced some of those! The tourists are a pain...
When I was in Venice, The vaporettis were chockerblock full of tourists and I heard the locals swear...I would too!

60 Going On 16 said...

Just popped over from Devon to say hello. I am so impressed with your garden and your gardening skills.

We are mid-tourist season as well. I've just got back from an evening with the dogs on one of North Devon's favourite surfing beaches. Even at 9pm, the car park was packed- but mainly with jolly camper vans.

When I was travelling across India earlier this year, I carried neem powder, to rub into the coats of the dogs we met, as they were all rather flea prone. Even if it was only for one day, it was good to know that, for a few hours at least, they wouldn't have to scratch.

Naturegirl said...

No wilting going on here just rain thunder clouds and more rain..grey days and migraines :(
I smile as I read your word "emmets"..I guess that's the same as "snowbirds" when I return to warmer climate in Florida or Arizona for the winter months.That's what we are called.
I like to think that we add to their economy.

I am pleased that you had an opportunity to view my peonies posts in July as it was a good many blossoms!!You realized my passion for them!
Waiting a whole year to see them is worth you will see now that you planted yours!It is always a pleasure to pop by and see what's happening in your part of the world.

I am presently planning a trip to Europe for the month of August so stay tuned to Nature-Trail as I'll do some posting from there!
Hugs aNNa xo

Colin & Carol said...

Praying for rain here too!

The bugs seem to have put us on top of there menu.
Here's to survival

ladyluz said...

Hey, isn't this great - different perspectives of the summer from Portugal, N. Spain, Kent, Devon and Canada.

Diane, thanks for the great tip about neem for the pets' little visitors. I'll try that - when it arrives. At least the supplier from N. Spain has been in touch.