Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Titania in Australia here
has tagged me to write 6 random facts about myself. La Gringa in Honduras got me on this a couple of years ago, so this one will be different - simpler:

  • I love Latin American dancing and I just wish my old knees would allow me to learn the salsa.
  • My favourite occupation is flopping out with a good book
  • I miss Springtime in England so visit English gardening blogs instead
  • My little weakness is pastries, but they don't like me
  • I still miss my dog, Sheba, who died 12 years ago.
  • I keep a journal of memorable sayings, poems, extracts from books.
So, don't worry compadres, I'll not single anyone out for tagging....I'll leave that up to you.

On the garden front, we're harvesting our cherry tomatoes and damsons...delish. But all the apricots, nectarines and peaches have been got at by a little black beetle and I'm doing what I can to salvage edible bits.

It's been very hot for June and many of the plants are wilting, while others are revelling in it, unlike me as I feel like a beached whale!


Titania said...

Ladyluz thank you for your message.)
Your post about Aspergillus is very interesting. This was many years ago when my husband had a very bad experience. He was spreading mulch which contained a lot of mouldy leaves. He had it in his lungs and had a very bad fever as well. We didn't know that it was aspergillus but we knew that it had to do something with the mould in the mulch because their was so much dust. Peter recovered after a few days. It is good when people know that it could be potentely dangerous to work with mulch and take precautions.

as-nunes said...

Hi Ladyluz, many thanks for your visit on may simple blog.
I´m also amateur radio and my english is ths sufficiente to transmitt short messages.
Well the translatir is good in spit ot its difficult to translate Portuguese to English, but helps.
I have other two blogs talking about trees and garden (my garden log) in the midle west side of Portugal, just near Figueira da Foz and Fátima.
http://arvoresleiria.blogspot.com and diariodumjardim-blogspot.com
The first is about the trees of my city.
Good luck and my best wishes and regards.

as-nunes said...


Yolanda Elizabet said...

It's always fun to learn a bit more about you Pam. How come the pastries don't like you? They must have an appalling taste. ;-)

It's been rather cool here lately so therefore somewhere else must have gotten all our heat and yup, that's Spain it seems. ;-)

When it's very hot here I relax with a good book, a tall glass of something nice and cold by my side and with my feet in a tub full of cold water. Keep your feet cool and they will take care of the rest of your body too.

How are Yin and Yang managing in all that heat?


Ernestine said...

Thanks for leaving note on my new blog.
I made the comment because over the last year with the bone weary
adjustment to building, moving and once a again creating gardens.
The thought came to mind often
"is this where I am suppose to be"
It is and I now know it in my heart.
Have a great day.
It was 58 on my screen porch this morning and now in the 70's.
To think that last week it was close to 100.
What is going on!!!

ladyluz said...

Hi Titania - what a lucky escape your husband had.

António - thanks for the links to your other lovely blogs. I enjoy reading about what's growing up the road from here.

Nice to see you again Yolanda - Yin and Yang always manage to find a cool spot somewhere. Yes, feet in a bowl of cold water....marvellous. And as for the pastries, they give me painful indigestion and heartburn - a good deterrant.

So good to know that you are really settled and revelling in your gardening. Balm for the soul.

ladyluz said...

PS The last comment was for Ernestine.

Anonymous said...

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Cheryl said...

Hi Ladyluz....nice to read some facts about you....its good to get to know the person we are communicating with.

Now weather....please don't complain about the heat.....we are still having up,down weather and the nights are quite chilly. I gardened in a jumper today!!
Glad you are harvesting...we are picking strawberries....lovely.