Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thunder, Lightening AND Hailstones...

What a racket as they thundered down on the terracotta roof and onto the tiled patio. My log box is outside the kitchen door and as they pounded on that, it sounded like a roll of drums out there. Hailstones the size of peas - whatever next in April. Here is a picture through the "rejas", the wrought iron railings which are traditional on many Spanish houses.

I think this is called "goto frio" in Spanish, not an unusual occurrence in late April/May.
I hope our poor little tomatoes and new bourganvillea are not traumatised.


Barbee' said...

April is very fickle here, too. Hope you didn't have any real damage.

Cheryl said...

April has been awful....but today we had sunshine and some of my bees came out of the units. Yippee!!!!
Hope the sun comes back soon. Am sure your plants will be okay, expect they enjoyed the rain.

Anonymous said...

It actually hailed here today also.
Brrrr! It's cold!
But soon it will be warm and the flowers will bloom.
Such a funny cold winter it has been all around the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm writing this on el jefe's PC as shortly after this post, a bolt of lightening knocked out the router connection to my PC.

The sun is due back this week and I hope to be able to blog again.

Cannot seem to leave this in my LadyLuz thing, so it will appear as Anonymous.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I hope that hail didn't do any damage in your garden Pam. We had hail once in July and my waterlily took a pounding; all its leaves died and the buds that were about to burst open (for the first time) died too. It took 2 years to recover. :-( If I had known that I would have put an umbrella over it.