Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Sue in Milan here
has generously given me an award for excellent blogging as she enjoys reading this. I faffed around a bit learning how to put it on the blog and there it is on the right, just under my new widget of the cat. Thank you, Sue. Wish I could send you some duck eggs as a thank you, but unless they're hard-boiled, don't think they'd survive!

By the way, Yin and Yang cannot decide whether they like this interloper widget, who miaowws, purrs and moves her head when the cursor is moved over her. I think she's cute.


Sue Swift said...

Glad you like the award ladyluz, and as for the duck eggs - I'll be in Barcellona in a month. perhaps I'll get some there.
I have mawkie on my google home page. We obviously have very similar tastes .... :)

Cheryl said...

Well done Ladyluz, well deserved.