Saturday, February 09, 2008


I know you've seen this hardenbergia before but now she's in her full glory, I can't get enough of her. There's a vicious Levante wind blowing - has been for the last 3 days - and she stands up well to this.

We found ourselves wandering round the back streets of Chiclana this week, looking for the second Interflora florist in town and a missing boucquet from Cornwall for our anniversary. There were a few fast-food kiosks around, fancy-dress clothes and paraphernalia in shops, including this beautiful child's flamenco was Carnival week, with floats, music and dancing. If you want to enjoy these events and most others in Spain, be prepared to go out at 10 p.m. until the small hours.
Not far away we found this Ceramics shop, closed for the winter. Very unusual to find brightly-painted buildings around. In some hilltop villages - the pueblos blancos further in the country - all houses are painted white and there's a law that they have to be done every year. There are loads of renovations going on in our small town.
And now we come to the goal of our search, the floristeria that had the anniversary boucquet and didn't know what to do with it as no correct address or phone number on the order. Deep red roses, antirhinnums and orchids....beautiful to look at, no smell. What a shame.
We've both had birthdays so have been celebrating trying the local restaurants. Very little real gardening work done this week, although there's a mountain to do.

Hasta la proxima


Sue Swift said...

Hi Ladyluz,
As out temperatures are still in single figures, I turn green with envy every time I see your posts. perhaps I'll move ..

Just to let you know that I posted your nomination for the Garden Bloggers' Carnival today.

Naturegirl said...

Miss Ladyluz:
How wonderful it feels to be walking with you in this warm climate of I have finally done away with wheelchairs and crutches and walking on my own in a winter wonderland! Come by and cool off but throw on a woolly.

I also want to thank you so much for nominating one of my archive posts to the Garden Bloggers Carnival!! I was totally blown away and pleasantly surprised viewing my
own past posts!! Thank you for thinking of me and giving me an opportunity to revisit my archives which I must admit for some reason
I just have not! hugging you NG xo

Cheryl said...

Hi Ladyluz
Good to see you blogging again, have been popping back and forth. The villages you speak of reminds me of Mojacar where we have spent many a holiday.....that is always white, now I understand why.
The flowers for the bouquet took me back to my daughters wedding, she chose anthirriums and orchids because she suffer with serious hayfever.
Happy gardening.