Friday, February 29, 2008

EGRET VISITED: We were sitting under the pergola enjoying the sunshine, greenery, the tinkling of the fountain and the sun, when who should happen by but a dainty egret. S/he strutted her stuff up and down the trellis. We just prayed Yin and Yang would not see it, although I wouldn't rate their chances if they tangled with the egret's beak. Alas, the camera was not nearby. Isn't it ever the way!
D. saw some lovely tiles in a souvenir shop when we were in Seville and thought how attractive they'd look on his new wall. Here they are. We bought compost and vermiculite today to mix with ordinary earth to fill up the wall and plant some portalacas. We weren't looking, but also found another hardenbergia looking a bit dilapidated. We will nurse it along and plant it out soon to ramble over the chain link fence.
Like Yolanda at Bliss, we take a tour regularly to see what's happening and to date, everything we planted is settling in nicely - the phormium, agapanthas, lilies, more osteospurmums of the spoon shaped variety and hollyhocks.......wot a lot we got.

(by the way, click on pictures to enlarge them, in case you don't know)


Cheryl said...

Am loving the wall, that is going to look really pretty when its planted up. Enjoying the sunshine, lucky you, the heavens have just opened here.
Love egrets, such dainty little birds. Glad someone else is like me and never has the camera to hand when its needed.

kate said...

Your wall is beautiful and the Hardenbergia will look great ... I have added your blog to my 'playing in the dirt' links!

Vanillalotus said...

I know, I never have a camera when I need it. When I bring it I never come across anything. You fountain looks great with the osteospermum in the back. I think they are osteopermum correct me if I'm wrong, maybe dimorphotheca. Those tiles are beautiful and look great on the wall. I love the pots you have sitting above it. Great job on saving a perfectly healthy plant.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

You have been busy posting Pam and how lovely to see so many pics of your garden! Love the tiles on the new wall, they look great. And how colourful your garden looks already, those osteos are great plants to have as they are so cheerful.

ladyluz said...

Thank you, each of you, for visiting and keeping an eye on what we're we keep an eye on all the lovely interesting things going on in your neck of the woods - great isn't it.

Wall is planted up now and I'll post soon when we've recovered. We ache everywhere!