Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Here he is in his lovely green suit. The earlier picture showed him gradually changing from green to brown as he climbed up the "brezo" windbreak, moving very slowly and his eyes swivelling non-stop.

Our latest sighting today was as he'd climbed out of the gorgeous orange Tacomaria onto a terracotta capstone....see how his colours now blend into the capstone. What a clever, cute little fellah.


Green thumb said...

'Charlie' is a nice name for that eye swivelling beauty.
Chameleons always fascinate, may be for the remarkable adaptability characteristics, nature has gifted them with.
Well, cute, I do not know, but clever, he certainly is!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Charlie is one heck of a handsome fellow and clever too! I think I like him in green best. ;-)

~Becky said...

Cute little guy here.

Catherine said...

He's adorable...Love the first pick of him!!

John SMG said...

What a treat. Is Charlie just visiting? Or is he part of the household?

ladyluz said...

Hi John. Charlie, or maybe he's Charlene as we've seen a baby one, lives in our garden but is not a pet. On days when we're still and quiet (not very often), we catch sight of him and find him endlessly fascinating.

Popped to your blog and loved the account of all the fab veg you grow. Also your trip to the supermarket had me laughing with recognition, except I'd be the old biddy getting one over on you. Your throwaway line about buying chickens to throw at the bears made me realise what worlds apart we are - me writing about diddly-little chameleons and you about bears!

Would have liked to leave a comment on your blog but couldn't find a way.