Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It's only taken four years to discover the secret of caring for hibiscus in our garden.
They prefer a bit of dappled shade and they like the soil dried out a little bit in between waterings. I've drowned them and killed them before. So to celebrate the survival of the red and pale apricot we bought 4 months or so ago, we've added a gorgeous double-headed apricot and a pale lilacy pink one. They look lovely under the small pergola.


Anonymous said...

First of all I must say how marvelous you look in red. Secondly, I am so happy that you have found success with your hibiscus. I love the art work on your site. You seem to enjoy lots of color. If you enjoy reading humorous books-check out "Diary of a Wannabe Gardener" The character in the book seems to match your gardening flare and honesty. You can preview the book at www.bbotw.com the author is Dorothy Guyton. Enjoy nature and enjoy life. Love your pictures

ladyluz said...

Thank you Anon (pity not to know who and where you are) for the encouraging comments. I've checked out the book and find it's available in the USA, which shouldn't be a problem to obtain. Thanks for the recommendation. I read a lot, as you've probably noticed on MyLibraryThing.

I do like colours and though I try to harmonise them, Nature does its own thing and whatever pops up that wasn't planned seems to fit in beautifully, nothing discordant.

I hope you'll return for another visit sometime. Hasta la proxima....

Anonymous said...

Your hibiscus are so lovely. I think the color is great.

I'm sorry i have not visited much this summer . . . it's been an extra busy summer for me.