Saturday, August 25, 2007


Just had a quick look at Garden Voices and posters talking about rain and floods in areas where it doesn't normally rain in August. Same here this morning - thunder, lightening, sheets of rain - for over an hour. Bliss! Wonderful smell of lavender and eucalyptus afterwards and everything glowing now the dust has washed off.


Catherine said...

It is blissful, don't ya just love how clean and fresh everything looks after a rain, and the wonderful smell!! Your Hibiscus are gorgeous!! And I'm with you, I dearly love portulaca's...Up close they look like little roses, and the colors are beautiful!! They love the sun!! Enjoyed my visit again to your blog! Have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

I love those two lovely, delicate shades of hibiscus. My yellow with orange center is now full of buds, and make me smile every day they bloom. Isn't it amazing the range of colors now?
Wish I could get an hour's rain here ( but just an hour!).

Yolanda Elizabet said...

LOL Too funny the different responses that thunder, lightening and sheets of rain evoke in gardeners all over the world. ;-)

In the UK it has been the wettest Summer since 1914 when they started recording these things. 35 centimeters of rain fell this Summer. Quite a lot, so you'll excuse the Brits for not being ecstatic about rainfall, won't you? ;-)

Here in the Netherlands it has been wet too, but fortunately not that wet.