Friday, June 01, 2007


I just hope all the blossoms on this pomegranate remain intact and that we have good fruits this year. The Levante managed to demolish most of the flowers and dried up most of the emerging fruits last year. We have yet to have a harvest.

The nectarines and apricots in contrast are laden with fruit and I can see that once I've exhausted the neig
hbours' patience with my organic fruit packs, I'll be in the kitchen to do a lot of bottling with brandy syrup. It's very satisfying eating the results in

And I haven't even thought about the plums - large yellow ones and a small sweet one like a damson. We were over-run with these last year and after bottling, we realised we needed another freezer to store the overflow.....this is now ready and waiting.

Early morning here is heavenly: one of next door's ducks has hatched 6 ducklings and she is sitting on seven more eggs. They are nestled right up by our boundary fence, so Gonzalo has created a hay screen to protect her from the sun, and built an enclosure to keep the hens, other ducks and possibly wandering cats from upsetting them. I rounded up a monster batch of snails from the osteospurmum so that the non-mums of the poultry could have a treat.


Nicole said...

Wow. Send me some of all that bountiful fruit!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a plethora of fruit you're having. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the pomegranate. Hopefully there will be a harvest this year!

What a lovely story about the duck. Are there going to be some pics of the duck family too? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just love to can fruit. I first learned how by canning fresh pears and have never forgotten how satisfying it is to see those lovely jars lined up on the kitchen countertop.
You're so lucky!

I planted two cherry trees this year. Love them!