Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Here you can see the four facets of the pot, in different styles, freshly grouted in black. Yin has just given it her seal of approval. Mathilde has been keeping a close eye on the proceedings and has now wandered round with an antique pot with the request "mariposas por favor" - butterflies please. So, mariposas it will be. As regular readers will know, Mathilde is not a woman to be trifled with!

After that it will be a big cubed pot for a dear friend, who wants her cat on it. I'll leave that complicated bit to el supremo, while I do the other three sides in abstract, in different shades of blues and white with a splash of girly pink.


Nicole said...

Very, very lovely. What talent!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

It's lovely, I take my hat off to both of you! The new projects sound very promising; butterflies and a cat. Can't wait to see those. :-)

Green thumb said...

Awesome! Words fail me to describe the beauty of your pot and at the same time I wonder what plant will do justice to a pot so beautiful?

ladyluz said...

Thanks gals - glad you liked the results. We are thinking of a sculpture for the big bamboo pot. It will be sited by the archway and steps and when the Levante blows it destroys any plant in its path. Great shame cos I fancy some long frondy grass like plant in it.

Becky~ said...

Have a wonderful time.
I am in Hawaii right now, hugging my new little granddaughter.
It's heavenly.