Saturday, May 12, 2007


Proper Maytime now......

Electric blanket off but duvet still there for insurance as the temperature begins to climb for proper May in Andalucia - 25C+.

The avocado has grown, clematis (Rouge Cardinal) has doubled its blooms, a new stephanotis is very at home, as is a droopy-petalled yellow clematis (Bill MacKenzie), which will flower in August (the label says, but I am doubtful as most plants go dormant then). It may wait until the heat is over, or rush into bloom in its new home.

Gonzalo has lifted his potatoes and they are about 5-6" long. Ours will be ready next week and I hope they're as mighty. He has 35 kgs stored in stacked crates and covered in a thick cloth. Beautiful golden yellow when boiled or baked; they can also be roasted.


Dawn said...

Your clematis looks lovely against the wall like that. Must say I love the photos of your Siamese Cats. We have two as well: Mariah and Lily. They are so much fun.

I'm enjoying your blog. :-)


Yolanda Elizabet said...

The Rouge Cardinal looks lovely, I have one too that is flowering for the first time in my kitchen garden.

So your tatties will be ready next week? I think mine will be ready in 2 or 3 weeks' time. Not bad, eh? I'm very much looking forward to harvesting them and can imagine that you are too.

Everything ok, healthwise?

On Bliss the cats are a bit grumpy. Why? Well, go and see for yourself. :-)