Saturday, May 19, 2007

POTATO HARVEST....there are some real whoppers there and we are highly delighted. I have a whole cook book (Australian Women's Weekly one) dedicated just to potatoes and dishes like Lyonaisse and Dauphinoise are our favourites.

The hibiscus lives and has given us some lovely flowers; as one dies off so others appear. We've bought an apricot one now and will get a pretty new pot for that and place it alongside as that sunny/shady corner seems to suit them.


Anonymous said...

I like how the hibiscus is sweet enough to give us a new flower when another one of the flowers passes on.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hurrah the potatoes are harvested! Good for you and lots of happy and tasty meals with them!

Hibiscus flowers are so lovely, I wish I could grow them here too.

I see you've been posting a lot lately, you must be feeling much better!!!!

Nicole said...

The hibiscus flowers are lovely. Enjoy your potatoes-how I envy you fresh potatoes, my second attempt at growing them failed. Here's a great recipe to highlight the taste of new potatoes, I substitute I minced onion and some garlic for the hing.

ladyluz said...

Oo, Nicole, that recipe has my mouth watering. Had to go Google "Hing", though, and see it's asaefatida, which I use in fish curry. Onions and garlic a good addition, maybe. Hell, chuck it all in!