Monday, March 26, 2007

STRELITZIA - and then there were three. And I see there is a fourth not quite ready. I'm hopeful now that it will flower every year and this year I may be able to collect some seed.

As I type, there is a steady drizzle of rain outside - the first in a month. I planted an hibiscus and a jasmine yesterday, so I expect they'll appreciate that.

The water from wells in this area is variable , most of it not good for plants - either too salty or too chalky. Many newly installed plants collapse under the shock and take a while to acclimatise. Some never do and we've had many costly mistakes.

By popular request, here is Yin inspecting the new trellis. For some reason, she is less active these days and spends a lot of time in the house sleeping, preferably snuggled up to one of us. If I were to carry her round in a baby sling, she would like nothing better!


Green thumb said...

Thanx dear Ladyluz for relinking me and also for posting Yin inspecting her Trellis. I am sure she'll be back to her ususal active self soon.

Verena said...

Hi Ladyluz,
I can´t imagine that you had the first rain in the year. Last week winter came back and we got snow! But I´m so glad that its gone now and spring is here already!
Your flowers looks beautiful as the blue sky too!
Greetings from Austria, Verena

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Well, at least your water butts will get filled and it's good for the plants!

Yin looks exactly as I thought she would. How old is she now? I've found that kitties get more snuggly with their people once they are over 8 years old (the cats I mean, not the people :-)).

Naturegirl said...

Oh my the last time I saw these flowers were when I posted them from Florida recently! I think I mentioned that the florist charges $30 a blossom!Oh Yin what a cutie! hugs NG

La Gringa said...

Oh, boohoo! You won't believe what happened. After seeing your last photos, I went out to check my bird of paradise. Both of them were gone!

Apparently trampled to death by the rottweiler because there is absolutely no sign of them left. They have been struck by the leaf cutter ants in the past, but the ants at least leave the stems.

Now I have to start over and have an even longer wait to look forward to. I'm jealous!

ladyluz said...

Que catastrophe, La Gringa. And I thought I had problems because of the snails which are doing their darndest to denude the tender new shoots on plants. They are a delicacy here and are in all the markets but I collect them up for the ducks next door.

Thanks for all your comments - Yin is very chuffed that she's famous!

If anyone wants Strelitzia seeds later on, let me know.

Rebecca said...

ha ha Oh Yin, you are wonderful!

Happy Spring!
I am finally back to my garden blog.
I look forward to seeing more of yours too.