Sunday, March 18, 2007


and we visited friends in the hills to play a kind of cricket, followed by buffet lunch...Dutch, German, South African, English, Welsh - all in a mad assortment of sports gear more appropriate for skate boarding or joggings! Good fun, with 4 dogs and 8 cats joining in. D.injured his hamstring and is resting it at the moment. I elected to be Tea Queen and Photographer and this was a safe choice!

Here are plants in the new arbour trellis, plus Yang is wondering what the handbergia is doing on the corner.

The potatoes have made their appearance and immediately, Mathilde instructed me to earth them up. They are now expensive here - 4€ (about £2.50) a kilo. This is unheard of in this part of Spain and I don't know why.

Rotivation is almost complete so the tomatoes will go in this week. Pictures to follow.

Thanks for your comments Yolanda and Gotta Garden - do appreciate them.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Wow, those are very expensive tatties! How clever of you to grow your own. I'll be planting mine at the end of this week.

It's obvious what Yang is doing, but where did Ying go? Up the arbour?

It looks very nice now it's finished!

Green thumb said...

Oh my God! In my part of the world Potatoes are available at about 1/10th of the cost, I wish I could export them!
Can't wait for pics of your tomatoes, I love them, as also the tomato red profile Photograph of yours!

Naturegirl said...

Tea Queen that was me today at the tea house! Love the photo of Yang!
Come by I'm celebrating! Just got back from my trip away for a month!
hugs NG