Monday, February 05, 2007


We are doing well for chameleons this year. Isn't this one beautiful? We disturbed him in the cypress tree. Nearby was a huge cricket, which flew off, so I've deprived this little chap of his lunch. The crickets are a nuisance - they eat great chunks out of tender new shoots.


Colin & Carol said...

Hi, Pam you are so lucky to see those Chameleons, but I bet they get confused when they cling to one of your mosaics!

Like you we get tons of crickets so maybe we need to find a way to bring Chameleons to our garden.

Stuart said...

Being completely ignorant of chameleons and their habitat I always assumed they lived in the tropics like the Amazon or similar.

So, I was completely surprised to see one in your garden. What an amazing little creature. Do you see these often? Are they around at only certain times of the year?

Great photo BTW.

ladyluz said...

Hi Stuart. We see them more often in the summer. The first time was after I disturbed some boulders and s/he climbed up a brown fence, changing from green to brown on the way.

In the last 3 months, I've seen four and each time it's been a warm sunny day. I think they tuck themselves right into thick greenery and hibernate when it's cold.

They are fascinating. My male cat, Yang, cornered one on the garden path - a large one. The chameleon was not phased at all, just stood his ground. I picked him up with gauntlets as he hissed at me, and popped him in the pear tree. I love the way their eyes swivel 360 degrees - or is 180 deg. Math no my strong point!

Colin & Carol said...

You are obviously doing something right keep up the good work!

Stuart said...

Fascinating. I've never seen one so your story is great to hear.

BTW - Impressive broccoli.

Naturegirl said...

Here in Canada in summer we have grasshoppers that do the same! I love your camelien..only see them in cell phone commercials here!