Tuesday, January 02, 2007


in January! Here's a selection of what's growing. Amazing, peas in flower. I only know peas in June in UK. The broccoli had to be de-caterpillarised after the rains and now I see a miniature fruit in each plant. And as for those onions - would you look at 'em go!

No rain for around 3 weeks now so will have to give everything a good drink, especially the citrus as we have fruit and blossom simultaneously. Well, fruit - one lemon as the Levante blew the last lot of blossom off, and 5 grapefruit!

I was examining the orange trees for leaf miner bugs and saw grey, whispy gossamer-like material and thought there was another disease. Then it moved! And there was another little chameleon, bright green and shuffling off some skin. I had a little chat and left him to go about his business.

There is so much work to do at the moment and we're both at a low ebb with colds. The fruit trees need pruning and we're over-run with a kind of clover with yellow flower. It looks lovely in a big open field but when it's in your garden choking the trees and shrubs, and so much of it, I feel defeated before I begin. But begin we must. There's rotivating and manure spreading to do also. I wish I could find one of those wiry, little old Spanish men to come in and help, but they're all busy with their own gardens.

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Nature Girl said...

I love coming here as I feel the warm sunshine you could get a lot of volunteers from Canada to help you out!It's {{{cold}}}brrr..:)NG