Monday, January 22, 2007

And here they are. Ying and Yang. They love to show us who's boss, by occupying the study chairs. We sit back to back at our computers and if we're unlucky, the cats get there first.

If we want to print, this is what Yang does....


zUzU said...

Oh. MY! =^..^=

I saw your comment on another blog that you had a pair of Ying and Yang to share and I had to sneak over to peek ::smile::

What a spectacular pair of fur purrsons.
Ever notice that they always know of
EXACTLY the perfect color/pose to make themselves look gorgeous?

Have you read any of Lilian Jackson Brauns "Cat Who" mysteries?

If you like simple mystery reads, nothing complecated and lots of fun ...
And you enjoy siamese cats (and know how smart they can be) then I highly recommend the series!

Begin with, The Cat Who Read Backwards.
In this, the first book you will meet, a well read man named, Qwilleran ... and one very smart siamese named Koko. If you know siamese, you will be smiling and bobbing your head up and down as you read of this one and his antics as he helps solve mysteries.

The following book you will met the delicate little female feline siamese, YumYum. (named for the character in Mme Butterfly. She likes to snitch and hide things that don't belong to her.

Just don't tell your two what the kitties in the books are fed ... Or they will be demanding equal treatment :o)

So wonderful to find your blog ...
Your garden is lovely. I like the "fountain thingie" very much! Yum! (And your visiter, the cameleon!)

=^..^= zU

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Ah and there they are, the little darlings. Don't they look absolutely gorgeous?

BTW I love the Cat Who .... series a lot. Such fun to read.