Saturday, December 16, 2006


So here is the mattock on the left, a small one just for me. It's necessary to stand with legs apart and move the soil towards you with the blade.

I don't know what the hooked one on the right is called but it's brilliant for going between rows of seedlings and aerating the soil. Also it was just right for whacking the soil and popping in the onions.

Here's where we've been twiddling round the back of the green shed, fixing up another deposito and guttering. We'll have to paint it to prevent the water going green. The existing green one has a tap and hose and will be the overflow from the white one.

The black hole is a work in progress for a rocky fountain with some mosaic tiles around .

Well, that is odd. Blue underlined words above and my deposito picture has disappeared. Let's see what the final thing does......

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