Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This is Rue, known since Roman times and referred to in Shakespeare's plays. Some say if it's placed by your front door, it will bring good fortune, others that it will keep away the evil spirits (rather like a Rowan tree to keep away the witches). Whichever, I think it's a pretty plant and have bought two.


Naturegirl said...

Now how does one become so lucky to retire in Spain!! I have stopped by and admired your posts in the past and you know how it is when you get around..you don't get around to others.I am pleased that you stopped in nature-trail so here I am and what color I see! I can feel the *heat* as we are fog fog and more fog here! I love the photo of Yin as you know I too have feline pets..2 black and a tabi!

miss*R said...

Hi Pam! finally I make my way to your blog xo ~ gorgeous garden and lucky you, retired in Spain! stuff only my dreams are made of.
Rue - I grew it once and it gave me a dreadful rash when I brushed past it. like an allergic reaction.