Thursday, November 23, 2006

Colin of mediterraneangarden blogspot suggested that the process of mosaicing be shown, so here's the virgin pot and subsequent steps: the lizards and salamanders were drawn on the pot. Ordinary ceramic bathroom tiles are cut up, made smaller with special tools, shaped with nibblers or a grindstone and fixed to the terracotta surface with glue.

The background is meant to look like a tiled wall

Later fronds of greenery were mosaiced around the rim.

Grouting was added, squidged in, scraped and sponged off.

We applied a brown one and when it was dry, it was like pale chocolate - not the effect we wanted. The finished pot was placed on a plinth in the middle of the new circular path...


Colin said...

You make it look so easy Pam, though I know it isn't!

Nice to see such original art work and I bet the commisions will come your way once people view your garden.

We will be able to see from your work how much of that blue bottled wine you have drunk!

miss*R said...

I would love to have a go at mosaic! I have a few pictures on my flikr album from a garden I visited a few months ago.

ladyluz said...

Would love to see any pics of other garden mosaics. The Maggie Howarth website showing her projects with pebbles is really inspiring.