Thursday, September 21, 2006

LATER......and if there's anyone out there reading this, you might like to see the three facets of the new cylindrical pot with the rose theme.

A terracotta grout was used for the roses, then these were masked while either a black or a white grout were used on the rest.
In some areas, copper or silver mirror tiles were used. We are becoming very fond of these.

I particularly like this section with its lovely curved swirls.

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Anonymous said...

I love it. How on earth do you cut those tiny pieces? Are these very thin tiles?

I love your work.

Colin said...

Glad you persisted with the blog, I have put a link to you on my page. I'm sure that many of your readers will return to follow your exploits.

Maybe you could put on a few stage photos showing how your artwork develops?

MamaDuck said...

Oh YEAH. I love Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and that whole Art Nouveau decolleté combination of voluptuous sensuality restrained with such provocative assurance. OOOOeeee!
Discovered Modernismo when we came to Spain. In Barcelona I got rather irritated by the way that Gaudi (who was unique and remarkable) was represented as an exotic plant that had sprung from nowhere, when the city is full of the work of his peers in everything from doorways to pavements. And what about the Palacio de la Música?! We've got one Modernista building in Madrid, and it's up the street from where we live. Sometimes I go just to enjoy the curves!