Wednesday, June 21, 2006


You may be wondering what the lone pot is doing. Well, I started writing about garden art and our interest in mosaicing. Somehow it got onto another blog page If you're interested you could visit that and then continue with salamanderverde in the hope that I've found my way out of this maze and into some continuity of posting! Ha, fat chance.

Here's a stone table mosaiced last year. D is not happy with it: inadvertently we bought more bathroom tiles which were thicker, thus creating an uneven surface on the table. He is going to rip off the brown and substitute red to make a smooth finish. Currently he is doing the semi-circular benches in a bamboo design so more pics of this if this post works......

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Anonymous said...

such a lot of work but your mosaics are wonderful.
I like to do this too but get side-tracked and then I don't get back to the project.