Friday, October 21, 2005

Here are our new citrus trees, with one lone lemon. We had to have an enormous trench dug then fill it up with suitable soil and manure before we could go ahead. The grasshoppers and flying bugs think it's the Ritz and as much as we hate spraying, we've had to do a bit. Wish we could find some horsetail seeds, seedlings to make our own environment friendly spray.  Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Kate again.
Have you thought if trying diatomaceous earth? You can read about it (and order it) here

I've just ordered some for the cat. He hasn't got fleas, but he'll probably catch some and I'm going to add it to his food, too, as they recommend. If it works for your garden, it's ideal, as it works by cutting the pests, so they can never build up resistance. It's an old remedy that was commonly used at one time.