Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sad times

Everything was going well in the garden and then a whole series of catastrophes:   more Levante than ever, sky rocketing temperatures and el jefe exhibiting worrying symptoms.   Finally we got him to the health centre.   There had been a mix-up with our usual national health doctor and our info had been wiped from the computer.    So we had to resort to the local semi-private Centro Medico.  They ordered an MRI and a week later, we were told he had had a mini stroke and a subsequent MRI while in hospital showed a further incident - a cranial bleed.    Poor love was very confused, weak, tired and spent 5 straight days asleep  in bed on drips.   BP was high, dehydration too.   He had his own room with a bed for me,  as Spanish culture is that the family provides what Brits regard as traditional nursing care:  help with feeding, medications and morale boosting.  Luckily step daughter was on holiday here and was of tremendous help.

What has this to do with the garden.....well, it went to pot for a while.   Then a friend, D., started trying to bring it back to its natural beauty, doing things that I had neither the energy nor the time to do.   

D is home now, has had another   mini stroke and cannot walk, dress or shower without assistance.  It is a chronic condition and there is no guarantee there won't be further "events".   Life has become contracted with a lot of thought going into new routines to keep him safe.  

I won't close the blog down, although I don't do much on here.   I love looking at how things have progressed since 2003, although it does bring a certain sadness about current inabilities.


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh Pam I am so sorry to read of these series of devastating events. Thus aging an illing is depressing and exhausting.

Light and love my dear.


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Trippe said...

I just found your blog and so sorry for all this. I wonder how you are now.